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Wanna bring the kidDO?

Sign up under the 1-2 adult option and add $45 per day for children 6-12 years old; $25 for kids 3-5 years old (for 3 vegetarian meals per day and the room shared with their parent); $15 per day for children 0-2 years old. Villa Sumaya can connect you with a babysitter who will come to the center so you can take yoga classes and go on excursions!!! The cost is Q40 ($5) per hour.

Spend an extra $10-20 a day for a babysitter (2-4 hours) so that you can attend our 1-2 daily yoga sessions or to go on an excursion, kayaking on the lake, etc.

Let us know you want this option when booking and we will add the cost into your monthly payment plan.