Our local 200 Hour Teacher Trainings are currently held at Black Lagoon: Art + Yoga in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Austin, TX. The studio is in a lovely residential neighborhood in a hip part of Austin. The area is walkable and bike-friendly, with local grocery stores, restaurants, and cafes, and a bus stop just outside the studio. 

Out-of-Town Trainees: Singer Mayberry, one of The Art of Yoga School's lead trainers and the owner of Black Lagoon, is happy to help you find a room to rent or help connect trainees with each other for possible Airbnb shares. There is also a thriving community of Black Lagoon yogis and teachers who have generously offered to open their homes to traveling yogis during the training!

Black Lagoon: Art + Yoga has been offering a truly one-of-a-kind yoga space in Austin since 2012. Offering a variety of all levels yoga classes while promoting the arts + wellness in an intimate and comfortable environment.

www.blacklagoongallery.com * 43rd & Guadalupe Street Austin, Texas 78751

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