Singer Mayberry

Singer's passion is teaching Restorative & Yin Yoga, while also being an active musician in her hometown of Austin Texas. Teaching since 2012, she owned her own yoga studio for 5 years and has over 1000 hours of teaching experience (E-RYT 200). Her background as a musician and artist leads her to create inspiring yoga experiences for her students. Always paying attention to the details, she finds value in “curating” everything from music playlists, to incorporating the use of essential oils & smudging to help even out the energy in her classes.

By 2019 she will have hosted and lead 8 yoga retreats in Marfa Texas, Santa Fe New Mexico, Nicaragua and Guatemala.


“To me, Restorative Yoga is all about relaxing the mind by practicing gentle stretching sequences that will also make your body feel great. It is such a welcoming practice, because everyone can benefit, wherever you are in your yoga journey...all levels of experience are welcome. As a student in my classes you will enjoy the incorporation of essential oils, smudging with sweetgrass and sage, calming music, and hands on assists to help you relax to your fullest.

The practice of yoga has brought balance to my life, nurturing my body, mind and soul. My practice helps me to live in a state of calm and consistency, even during times when my life seems utterly chaotic. Through my classes, I hope to share many valuable moments of calmness and clarity, encouraging balance in all of my students lives.”

Singer has a degree in Fine Arts, majoring in Classical Guitar & Mesoamerican Art History. Her first official 200 hour training was with Sumukhi Kristina Lanuza and Zoe Mantarakis of Yoga Illumined in 2013. Since then she has furthered her studies of Yin Yoga with Heather Tiddens in 2015, and completed Judith Lasater's Level 1 Restorative Yoga Certification Program in 2016 while currently taking courses with the The California College of Ayurveda.

Class Description:

Singer's 75-90 minute restorative classes will help your body, mind and spirit to feel well-rested and invigorated. Singer incorporates the use of essential oils & smudging (purifying a room with the smoke of sacred herbs) into her classes for meditation and relaxation, calming music, acupressure & hands on assists. Most classes will move through a few warm ups including neck and shoulder releases, with the majority of class focused on gently stretching and opening the body through a series of poses held for 5-20 minutes. This class can help to enhance flexibility, deeply relax the mind, balance the nervous system, boost the immune system, and enhance your mood. Bring your own YOGA MAT, and wear comfortable/loose clothing & and clean socks. All levels welcome.

Please note: public classes not suitable for pregnant women past the 1st trimester or those recovering from major injuries. 

Inquire about Singer’s prenatal offerings or book a private or small group session for you or your group.


Reviews for Yoga with Singer

"This is the Vahlrona of restorative yin yoga: complex layers of richness within a simple format, indulgent in sweetness. I have never had a more poignant, nurturing and caring yoga experience. Singer has an exquisitely transformative touch that luxuriates with love and attention. Sophisticated playlist, art, and incense too." - April 2016, Victoria Tai

"I've been taking Singer's restorative yoga class on Sundays for the past year and they have transformed my life. They have forced me to slow down, be still (which I'm horrible at!), and be okay with being with myself." - February 2017, Raman Sandhu


Yoga Retreats


October 25-28 Santa Fe Women's Spa + Yoga Weekend

Jan 26-Feb 2 Guatemala Yoga Retreat


June 29-July 1 Marfa Yoga Escape #4 with Emilee

June 7-10 Santa Fe Women's Spa + Yoga Weekend

June 14-17 Santa Fe Women's Spa + Yoga Weekend

Jan 28-Feb 3rd (2018), Nicaragua Beachside Restorative Retreat @ Costa Dulce

Nov 18-19, Marfa Yoga Escape @ The Well

August 4-6, Marfa Yoga Escape @ The Well

June 23-25, Marfa Yoga Escape @ The Well